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Payment Module for OXID

Integrate Cardinity into your OXID shop.

OXID eSales is the leading provider of sustainable multi-channel e-commerce solutions and services. Scalable and modular e-commerce platform. Commercial open source shopping cart software. Integrates all touchpoints such as webshop, mobile and point of sale (POS). Flexibly customizable standard cart software.

Integration guide

1. Get the source

  1. Download the zip package from this website.
  2. Create module directory cardinity-oxid-module under _OXID_INSTALLATION_PATH_/source/modules/
  3. Extract ZIP archive and move the contents to _OXID_INSTALLATION_PATH_/source/modules/cardinity-oxid-module

2. Execute SQL code

  1. Execute SQL from _OXID_INSTALLATION_PATH_/source/modules/cardinity-oxid-module/Install.sql file.
    SQL file can be imported via admin panel under Admin → Service → Tools → SQL.

3. Activate the payment module

  1. Login to Oxid admin area.
  2. Go to Admin -> Extensions -> Modules -> Cardinity.
  3. In the overview tab please click "Activate" button to activate it.
  4. Logoff from the admin area.
  5. You may want to disable default "Credit Card" payment method which is shipped with Oxid. Do it under Admin → Shop Settings → Payment Methods.

4. Configure payment module

  1. Login to Oxid admin area.
  2. Go to Admin → Shop Settings → Cadinity Config.
  3. Enter the necessary Cardinity Parameters required by the payment module.

5. Clear cache (Important!)

  1. Clear _OXID_INSTALLATION_PATH_/tmp folder contents.