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Merchant Account for Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing nowadays includes a new trend - purchasing likes, followers, views or any other type of user engagement. This is a popular way for businesses, online shops and influencers to promote their social media accounts. If you sell likes or followers, you can accept payments from your customers through our international payment gateway.
Why is this business profitable?
The importance of being visible online and relevant has grown enormously. E-commerce businesses need more likes and followers to have a bigger outreach to audiences and to build brand awareness. This has become an inseparable part of marketing campaigns.
Why choose Cardinity payment services?
With our payment gateway, you will reach customers all over the world and accept various credit and debit cards. We understand the nature of your business; therefore, we can activate recurring billing for your service subscription. You will be able to charge your clients on a periodic basis ensuring better customer retention.
Merchant Account for Social Media Marketing

Supported types of social media engagement services:

  • Instagram likes, followers, comments and video views
  • Facebook likes, followers, comments, page fans and video views
  • Youtube views, likes, comments and subscribers
  • Twitter followers, retweets, and likes
  • Soundcloud followers, downloads, plays, likes and reposts
  • Others

If you are not sure whether your business can be accepted, feel free to contact us.

Recurring payments for your social media services

If you offer different subscription plans to your clients, we can activate recurring billing in your Cardinity account. This way your clients will be growing their social media likes or followers every week, month or year, and you will charge them periodically. No need to remind them to pay.

Clients all over the world

Influencers, bloggers, businesses and institutions all around the world will have the possibility of using your services. You will grow your customer base and reach different audiences just by offering credit and debit card payments on your website. Accept Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Carta Si, Dankort, and more payment methods with Cardinity.

Merchant Account for Social Media Services