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Online Payments for Nutraceuticals

Vitamins and food supplement products are becoming more and more widespread in e-commerce. You may also know them as nutraceuticals.
Why vitamins and supplements business is high risk:
The majority of payment processors almost always regard nutraceuticals as a high-risk industry because of the two major reasons: lack of authoritative regulations and a high chargeback rate. It can happen that customers either are unsatisfied with the effect vitamins or supplements have on their health or simply forget about their subscriptions. Both cases can lead to disputes and chargebacks.
Why choose Cardinity payment services?
Not every payment service provider is ready to take such risks, so you may face difficulties in finding the one suitable for your business. We ensure that Cardinity won’t decline you just because your business includes nutraceuticals. We thoroughly analyze every merchant, assess all the risks, and only then make a decision. Cardinity is prepared to offer a cost-effective all-in-one credit card processing solution for your online food supplements business.
Online Payments for Nutraceuticals

Experienced team

We have gained 11 years of experience as a financial institution. We are familiar with every aspect of e-commerce and online payments and are always ready to assist our merchants in the challenges they face. Cardinity is constantly striving to improve and facilitate transaction processing as well as maintain a trust-based relationship with various online businesses.

Chargeback prevention

We have prepared guidelines on how to avoid chargebacks and made them available on our website for every merchant to see. We also activate 3D Secure in every merchant’s account in order to prevent any fraudulent transactions and protect genuine cardholders from unauthorised card use.

If you are not sure whether your business can be accepted, feel free to contact us.

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