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Everything About Payment Processing

How to identify potential fraud?

As you possess the most information about your customer, you are able to identify potential fraud. There are many signals of a fraudulent activity.

  • Pay special attention to the customers who purchase in your e-shop for the first time. Thoroughly check the information they provide during registration.
  • Make sure that the email address provided by a customer exists. Fraudsters usually use email addresses which have no meaning.
  • Check the name, phone number, and personal address of your customer. If the provided information looks fake or suspicious, call the customer to verify his/her identity.
  • Fraudsters tend to fill in their own address in the shipping field and the address of the legitimate cardholder in the billing field.
  • In order to stay anonymous, fraudsters usually use postal boxes for their orders.
  • Pay special attention to an order made for a foreign shipping address if most of your customers are located in your country.
  • Pay special attention to a purchase made at night.
  • Unusually high amount of an order can be a signal of a fraudulent activity. Similarly, a very small order should attract your attention if it is followed by a sequence of large orders.
  • Pay special attention to a customer who makes several orders a day or makes purchases very often.
  • Pay special attention to the transactions conducted with the same payment card but different shipping addresses and vice versa.
  • Pay special attention to the transaction conducted from the same IP address but with different cards.

Do not disregard any indication of suspicious and fraudulent behaviour of your customer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Useful Resources

Here you can find additional resources that may help you in the process and tell you more about payment processing.

  • In our support system, you will find answers to the most popular as well as some specific questions.
  • In order to start accepting card payments, you need to follow some requirements.
  • Certain business types are not allowed to process card payments. Check them out.
  • Follow our blog to get to know more about Cardinity, e-commerce and online payments.

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