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Everything About Payment Processing

What should I do if I receive a fraud alert from Cardinity?

In case you receive a fraud alert from Cardinity, take the following steps:

  • Verify whether the customer provides the same name as the one appearing in the email.
  • Verify whether the shipping address seems credible. Check whether it is a postal box.
  • Make sure that the shipping address is similar to the billing address.
  • Look at the email and other contact details of this customer in the white pages, search engines, and social networks.
  • Check whether the customer made several purchases within the same days or the last couple of days.
  • Look at the purchase amount. Is it strikingly different from the average shopping cart?
  • Verify all the data you have about the order.
  • Try to contact the customer.
  • Freeze the order in case you have not shipped the items yet.
  • In case you have checked all the accessible data and the customer appears to be a fraudster, immediately issue a refund to the cardholder.

Make sure you keep in touch with Cardinity during the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Useful Resources

Here you can find additional resources that may help you in the process and tell you more about payment processing.

  • In our support system, you will find answers to the most popular as well as some specific questions.
  • In order to start accepting card payments, you need to follow some requirements.
  • Certain business types are not allowed to process card payments. Check them out.
  • Follow our blog to get to know more about Cardinity, e-commerce and online payments.

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